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Klout allows you to analyze the social potency of participants/organizations on Twitter and more importantly tracks their influence via reach, demand, engagement, velocity and activity. It’s useful for checking the vitality of your organizations Twitter presence.

Ning lets you quickly create custom communities which you can invite members to. Communities can be kept private and are ideal for training and focus group purposes.

Social mention is a free tool which quickly allows you to listen for and track feedback on your company across multiple social networks. It doesn’t go in depth but is easy to use.

Tweetlevel (disclaimer I work for Edelman), is a simple way to grade an individual/organization by four key criteria: Influence, Popularity, Engagement, and Trust.

Twitter counter lets you track and compare stats of multiple Twitter accounts by followers and volume. It’s useful for comparing your business and benchmarking.

Tweetie 2 is the best iPhone Twitter application I’ve ever used.

Posterous is a simple publishing platform that acts as a hub for all your media and allows you to post from platforms as simple as e-mail to its recently re-designed interface which is fairly robust.

Listorious logo

Listorious is excellent for quickly finding individuals by categories and checking social graph indicators such as follower count. It’s also helpful for organizing and indexing Twitter lists in a variety of ways such as tags.

In addition to shortening URLS, is a simple way to track conversations (via Twitter) around the media your organization produces. It tracks across regions and also lists the sources of where people click from

Scout Labs is a cost effective way for your business to not only listen to what’s being said about you in a variety of channels, but allows your teams to respond. It included features such as workflows so your teams can assign tasks to members.


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