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if I think it’s pretty, then it’ll work.. aproach WRONG!

The multivariate testing phase is ideal for measuring the effect  of specific page changes

As most of us have probably experienced, many web designers (and HiPPOs) seem to take the approach of “if I think it’s pretty, then it’ll work.” Which is terrific when they’re the only ones who will ever visit the site. Unfortunately a firm’s customers don’t always have the same preferences as the developers, and too many times the result is a site experience which is not just hard for visitors to use, but at times simply irrelevant.

So with the idea of “letting the customer drive” in mind, One To One has recently witnessed some amazing long-term potential for our clients in the form of testing of new, dynamic content on landing pages and deeper areas of a site, all through an approach which includes but isn’t limited to the analytic methods commonly referred to as “A/B/N”, and multivariate testing, AKA “MVT”.

Simple Concept with Complex Execution

The process here is simple in concept but vastly more complex in execution: clearly define the objectives of each page, free your designers to come up with the most interesting, varied page designs they can, then use MVT testing  via tools like Optimost or Test & Target to take the winning versions even further. Whatever wins, wins. You’re letting the users of your site elect the winning content through their own behavior.

This simple set of steps has to date resulted in clients results which have been nothing short of fantastic. Honestly, while the success here has been fantastic, the most difficult component has simply been coming up with a good acronym for the practice, so for now we’re just directly referring to it as “Content Testing & Optimization”, or “CTO”. Okay, yes, a CTO is also a Chief Tech Officer, but we’re aiming for that to eventually becomes the secondary reference.

Come to the April 29th Webinar at 11 am and 2 pm

Thanks to an always-amazing creative team, some good uses of the tech, and results from several tests showing ROI in the four digits, we thought we’d share some of our approach and findings via a webinar scheduled for next Thursday, April 29 at 11 am and 2pm Eastern time. The session will discuss how to design and execute a CTO strategy via ongoing integration of A/B/N and multivariate testing, and present case studies to show how to achieve significant successes in maximizing conversions and return on investment through an ongoing process.

We’ll also cover the digital marketing strategy behind the testing and optimization process, explain how A/B/N and multivariate tests are ideally designed and conducted, and use case studies to illustrates how these strategies can be successfully applied across a wide variety of campaigns. Along with measurable lifts in conversion, revenue and ROI, the session will demonstrate how an ongoing content optimization strategy can be managed and evaluated while providing a library of testing and optimization best practices.

Register for the April 29th sessions of Increasing Conversions, Revenue and ROI through Content Testing and Optimization.

Register here for the 11 am webinar session

Register here for the 2 pm webinar session

Live Q&A will be provided after the discussion. Hope to hear you all there!


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